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patty kirk lying down, getting up, sitting at home, walking down the road doing deuteronomy 6:7

Monday, March 4, 2013

for theirs is

I sat down this morning with thinking to select the blessing I’d most like to have out of all those Jesus offers in the Beatitudes.

What would I most like to have? I wondered. Heavenly tenure, comfort, inheritance, or justice for wrongs I have suffered? To be filled with righteousness or to be shown mercy for my unrighteousness? Would I rather see God or to hear God to call me Daughter? So hard to choose.

It occurred to me that Jesus’ message is this: Seek me, and I will fulfill your deepest longing. Or longings, I hope. Because, as I say, I can’t choose.


  1. Yes, it is probably very hard to even think straight at 5 in the morning. Maybe you should have had your coffee first. I like that when Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the nation, God gave him that and wealth and honor. I think, like you sugest, Jesus is saying he will fulfill our deepest longings. I think he will also add to that things we didn't even know we longed for - "a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap."

  2. You saying I don't make sense here? Have a look at this:

    1. My comment reflects my admiration that you are up doing this at 5am as well as my inability to be up thinking at that time.

  3. Shaking and pressing closes all the gaps - there will be no gaps in what he provides us - nothing will be missing. Not only that but what he provides us will be more than we need or even thought to ask for - it will be running over the edges and overflowing in abundance.